About Blackjack Players and Card Counting

When it comes to playing blackjack, there are always two opposing camps. One is those blackjack players who use card counting and two is those who don't. Majority of the experienced blackjack players is using card counting in playing their blackjack games.

Blackjack players who are casual and play for only a number of hands don't usually need to master card counting. Frequently, these casual blackjack players are just beginners and really don't have a firm decision on what they really want in casino games.

But for those blackjack players who are planning to spend hours and days playing blackjack, mastering a card counting is very necessary and can truly make a difference in their games.

For serious blackjack players, using card counting means profiting thousands of dollars from the casino. And this is the exact same reason why casinos don't want and trying to prevent blackjack players who are using card counting.

A blackjack player who is already professional will know exactly what to do in a hand of 12 against the dealer's up card of Nine. Meanwhile, a casual blackjack players don't have any idea what they must do and just follow their instincts in playing the game.

If you plan to become a serious blackjack player, then you need to learn and master card counting. You will also need to become a dedicated and committed blackjack player to succeed in your plan.

The general rule in card counting is that the more card decks are there in the shoe, card counting will become more difficult especially in constantly keeping track of the count.

For a single card deck, there are 16 Ten-value cards out of 52 cards and keeping track of these cards is pretty much easy in card counting. For a four-deck blackjack game, there will be 64 Ten-value cards out of 208 cards and keeping track of them will be kind of hard to do. But you still can do card counting with much practice and concentration during the game.

If you are into an eight-deck blackjack game, there will be 128 Ten-value cards out of 416 cards and keeping track of them would seem to be impossible. Add to that the 32 Aces that you need to watch out also during the game. Your card counting may not be as accurate as it was when there are only one or two card decks involved in the game.

The effectiveness of card counting will lessen as more decks are added to the shoe because of the difficulty of maintaining the count. Though there are very experienced blackjack players who are very able to do their card counting skills during an eight-deck blackjack game.

If you're the blackjack player who want to do card counting, then start mastering your skills at the blackjack table with fewer card decks before going your way up to more decks.