Different Blackjack Variations

Since blackjack is now popular in many countries, different blackjack variations were developed. Here are some of them.

One of the blackjack variations in the United States is the game called Spanish 21. Unlike blackjack, Spanish 21 rules are more liberal. For example, in Spanish 21, doubling down is allowed on any number of cards that player has. Another difference between blackjack and Spanish 21 is that there are more bonuses in Spanish 21. There is a bonus for getting a 21 for getting a 21 for five cards or more. A bonus is also given if you've got a six, an eight and a seven, or if you got three sevens. The requirement is that there should not be any ten cards in the deck. The jacks, the kings and the queens are still there, though.

The French, the German and the Asian or Chinese variation of the game do not allow splitting. However, there are other card combination rules.

The elimination blackjack, the tournament variation of the game, is also gaining popularity due to the influence of poker.

The British and the Australians have their own version of blackjack. It is called Pontoon. The rules and strategies for this game are slightly different from blackjack. The Australian version of Pontoon is also quite similar with the Spanish 21 but it is played minus the hole card.

In some Californian casinos, the Vegas Style blackjack, also known as the 21st century blackjack became popular. In this variation, if a player busts, he does not automatically lose. The player may push if the blackjack dealer also busts, but with a higher sum.

Another blackjack variation is the double exposure blackjack. This is quite enticing particularly to new blackjack players. In this game, both of the dealer's cards are played face up. While the inexperienced blackjack player may think this could be advantageous for him, the truth is, the house has a greater advantage in this game. This is because if a player wins with a blackjack, the house only pays even money unlike in the usual three to two payout. Also, players lose on ties.

The double attack blackjack is also becoming popular to new blackjack players. Here, the player has the option to increase his bet after seeing the dealer's face up card. The catch is, when a player gets a blackjack, the payout is just even money.

Blackjack has indeed gone a long way. It became so popular that different countries developed their own variations.