Learn The Simple Blackjack Protocols

Being a newcomer or a newbie casino player is not an excuse for you not to learn the basic protocols observed in a casino. Of course you would not want to attract attention with your presence inside the casino by being an uneducated casino player. The casino experience is exhilarating and the bustling activities around can confuse you. It is important therefore that prior to your first casino attendance you must have some ideas what to expect. This will somehow make you confident as you step inside the casino.

As you go around the casino to choose a table to play, it is vital to read the table sign indicating what game is offered on that table. When you play blackjack games, pay attention to the betting limits set in each table as every table may vary with the minimum betting amount. Choose the right table with the minimum bet allowable that suits your betting capacity that fits your budget.

In majority of casinos, the minimum bets posted on each table are color-coded and it is important that you recognize which amount stands for every color. The red color is for $5, the green is for $25 and the black color is for $100 minimum bets. The same color codes are observed to stand for the chip values used in placing bet in any casino games. In addition, white colored chips stands for $1 value or it may take the color of silver in some casinos. Pink chips also stand for $2.50 which value is only available in some casinos. Variation also occurs with the chip color representation for the value more than $100 among casinos. But most casinos have a common color choice for $500 which is usually purple. In buying chips in exchange of your money, make sure you are aware of the color values for each chips to determine if you get the exact amount value of your cash. Every chip stands for your money value after all and the dealer is mandated to give you reliable service throughout the game so ask questions from the dealer when you need to.

When making a bet, keep in mind that when you bet with multiple denominations the chips with higher value are stacked at the bottom with the lowest value stacked above. You cannot retrieve your bet once the card has been dealt nor are you allowed to touch your chips. Cashing in your chips is not difficult. The dealer will usually change a group of chips with smaller values with chips of larger values that still equals the sum of the small valued chips. Then you can be on your way to the cashier to exchange your colorful chips into cash.

Learning the protocol in playing blackjack maybe overwhelming for a beginner but constant observance and practice will make you at ease playing the game and everything will come out naturally to you.